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Along with the most exquisite eyewear we also house an immense eyewear paraphernalia collection. Cases, lenses wipers and microfiber cloths are just the beginning. We have a 360° approach to ensure your eyewear lasts.

  • Lens cleaners:- Unclean glasses can cloud visibility and lead to straining eyes. This could further lead to blurry vision, unwanted headaches and eye exertion. To avoid any or all of the above we provide simple eyewear cleaning equipment as the same results cannot be achieved by water.
  • Lens solutions:- This is the most important product for contact lenses. Lens solutions help keep the contact lenses lubricated in a sterile environment to avoid scratchy eyes. This helps curtail major damages as scratchy eyes can cause the blood vessels to grow on the cornea.
  • Anti-fog solutions:- Known to keep glasses from fogging by minimizing the surface tension on your lenses to make workout sessions or dropping temperatures a breeze.
  • Chains and Cords:- Lanyards is a popular method of eyewear retention used vividly and widely across the world. We hold a diverse and opulent collection of the same.
  • Clip-on:- Is an easy solution to turn your prescription glasses into sunglasses while blocking out the harmful UV rays. Clip-on glasses simply sit on your existing glasses and rid you of the hassles of buying more glasses or switching between eyewear.