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We excel in providing contacts as well as other variants of eyeglass lenses.

  • Single vision lens:- The most commonly opted vision correction method solves a single purpose. Ideal for using when nearsighted or farsighted but never both.
  • Bifocal vision lens:- These are used when the eyes lose the natural ability to change focus. Bifocal lenses contain two lens powers to help one see both up-close and faraway things.
  • Progressive lens:- Also known as the multifocal lens allows one to seamlessly switch between working at multiple distances like viewing up-close i.e. reading, viewing at a medium distance i.e. checking a computer and viewing at a long-range i.e driving a car. All these tasks can be performed effortlessly without switching or changing glasses.
  • Office progressive lens:- Also known as near variable focus lenses are specially designed to work effortlessly at the office. It provides a clear vision at a span of around 16 inches to 6 feet. They are known to increase visual comfort and help the user hold their head in a neutral position.